A better way to serve the healthcare industry

Ongoing, rapid growth and regulation within the healthcare industry require best-practice processes and leading-edge technology to keep up. To provide that to our clients, Firstsource has partnered with an industry leader in cloud-based technology for the insurance and financial industries: Ebix Health. Our Enterprise Claims Services combine Firstsource’s domain expertise and Ebix’s capabilities for business analytics, systems integration, claim administration and data management to offer seamless, world-class capabilities to our clients.

With our 20+ years of experience and deep health insurance domain knowledge supported by cutting-edge technology, Firstsource is now able to offer:

  • More efficient claims processing.
  • More accurate payment.
  • Greater overall customer satisfaction.

Payers can access information and functionality through a single administrative platform, and our powerful data systems are built around the healthcare industry’s unique—and demanding—needs.

Where great solutions become even better

Operational Flexibility

As the healthcare industry grows and changes, Firstsource is able to use Ebix’s fully integrated systems to support new healthcare business models, including ASOs, ACOs and public and private exchanges, as well as more than 100 PBMs, PPOs, MMOs, and other organizations.

Workflow Efficiency

Delays in claims processing can result in financial penalties and member and provider dissatisfaction. Firstsource employs Ebix’s claims analytics and provider data and care management systems to provide a fully integrated workflow to payers. Our efficient claims processing increases efficiency and prevents costly delays.

Fraud and Abuse Prevention

Fraud and abuse threaten Payer revenue, customer satisfaction, and provider relationships. Firstsource deploys technology and services to detect fraudulent or questionable pre-payment claims, identify fraud and error to enable post-payment recovery, and track and analyze interactions to calculate fraud risk for future claims. Our integration with Ebix’s claims administration platform helps make this possible.

Cloud-Based Customer Care

Firstsource’s capabilities for omni-channel client care and member support become even more powerful when integrated with Ebix’s web portal, IVR, and information network solutions. Online and through our contact centers, members, administrators, and providers are able to access information about benefits and claims status, verify benefits and eligibility, run billing and reports, and manage online enrollment 24 hours a day.

BPaaS – Enterprise Claims Services


Operational flexibility

Workflow efficiency

Fraud and abuse prevention

Cloud-based customer care