A digital connection to bridge the physical distance

Telehealth technology isn’t the healthcare of the future—it’s here today! Telehealth is a new approach to healthcare delivery, connecting patients and doctors for quality care no matter the distance. Firstsource makes it easy for doctors to focus on medicine, and patients on getting well…. Leaving the connecting technology to us.

With Firstsource Telehealth Tech Support, patients get access to important care even if geography, scheduling, or physical condition of the patient might otherwise make it impossible. Very young, very old, and very nervous patients can now see their doctor in a comfortable, familiar environment. And it cuts down on commuting costs and overhead for doctors who can now offer virtual visits from their office. All it takes is the technology to connect doctor to patient. Firstsource helps to facilitate that connection, assisting with technical setup and support and familiarizing doctor and patient with the technology that has changed the face of healthcare.

Firstsource Telehealth Support for Healthcare Payers and Providers

With virtual visits and remote diagnostic and monitoring devices, patients and providers are embracing the leading edge of healthcare technology to improve the quality of diagnosis and care.

But telehealth technology can be challenging for even the most tech savvy consumers, and this is especially true in times of elevated stress like health examinations and consultations with medical professionals. Firstsource removes the need for patients and medical professionals to master the connecting technology. We enable your telehealth strategy with support for the technology that keeps patients and providers connected with confidence.

  • Member, patient, and clinician support
  • Device setup for desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone
  • App or software setup for Windows, iOS, and Android systems
  • Connectivity testing and verification
  • Troubleshooting, comfort, and familiarity
  • Monitoring and support for remote diagnostic devices
  • Device and app setup for consumer personal medical devices

Humanize healthcare technology and offer your members and providers convenience and quality. Firstsource is here to help.


The new face of face-to-face healthcare

Virtual Visit Support

Firstsource helps remote patients with the technological aspects of the telehealth patient experience. Support includes device setup (computer, tablet, or smartphone), app or software setup (Windows, iOS, and Android systems), connectivity testing and verification, and troubleshooting and familiarization. Firstsource’s knowledgeable specialists are available via outbound call, inbound call, or video chat.

Telehealth Tech Support and New User Set Up

Unique support model with empathetic, highly skilled support associates to assist in New User Set Up of devices for telehealth visits, as well as ongoing telehealth tech support where needed. Service value reduces the fear or complications of technology to ensure better telehealth experiences for members/patients and clinicians.

Telehealth Escalation Desk

Internal support desk function to address and resolve all immediate issues (FCR), and triage and track escalations appropriately within the organization.

Remote Device Monitoring and Escalations

Ability to monitor in facility or in-home devices to ensure connectivity, work reboot procedures as needed, and escalate monitoring data according to client requirements.

Outpatient, Preventative Care and Wellness Coaching

Customizable, health and wellness coaching using remote device monitoring, data analytics and direct member/patient coaching by phone, email or chat to support outpatient monitoring and recovery, preventative care and wellness coaching to both short-term and longterm health goals. Escalations options to clinician level support within client organizations or using our clinicians where appropriate.