At Firstsource, we hire based on talent and merit

Firstsource or any of its authorised representatives / partners will never ask for monetary / non-monetary favours or ask you to share your personal financial credentials as part of recruitment process for any job, contractual work, interview opportunities, work from home or any other type of employment.

Firstsource does NOT ask for payments, checks, or advance deposits as part of the recruitment process.  Firstsource does NOT ask you to buy equipment during the employment offer process.  Firstsource does NOT ask applicants to share personal financial or bank information during the job interview or offer process. Please be cautious of any suspicious communication about job offers or interviews. We will NOT ask you to share personal financial details like bank account numbers, make payments like processing fees or security deposit, or perform any other favor as part of the interview or job offer process.

Some easy-to-spot indicators of fraudulent job offer and interview letters

  • They are often vague, not well written, and contain grammatical and spelling errors
  • They request personal financial details like bank account numbers or payments such as processing fees or security deposit
  • They often come from pubic email IDs
  • Be careful! Third parties may illegally use our logos on fraudulent materials
  • They often promise compensation higher than the industry average
  • They are usually ‘work from home’ openings that do not require you to visit the company office at all
  • The contact address, phone numbers given in the email are often non-existent and false

What should you do

  • If you come across any job offer / interview request / recruitment opportunity with Firstsource that you are suspicious of, please inform us on
  • In case you receive any such emails, please do not make any payment or share any personal financial information
  • In case you have already made a payment file a complaint with local authorities immediately