Healthcare Claims Processing & Adjudication

Firstsource Healthcare's end to end claims processing and adjudication services help leading Health Plans reduce turnaround time (TAT), increase processing quality and accuracy and reduce backlogs.
Stay Ahead

Firstsource’s healthcare claims processing and adjudication services help Health Plans to more effectively...

  • Convert and reduce backlogs
  • Reduce cost per claim
  • Re-price claims, correct coding and coordinate benefits
  • Verify payments, service lines, members and providers
  • Manage claims processing peaks
  • Identify and analyze duplicate and bundled claims
  • Adjust claims, manage denials, and process appeals
  • Process a wide variety of claims across multiple plan types and platforms
  • Manage fund accounts such as FSAs, reimbursements, deductibles, co-pays and more
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Why Firstsource Healthcare?

Partner of choice for leading Health Plans and Healthcare Services

Our clients include 12 of the top 20 Health Plans nationwide

Data-driven approach & cutting-edge technology

Our solutions are backed by Robotic Process Automation, advanced analytics and more

We service over 50 million covered lives

With our 20+ years' experience in the field, you'll know your customers are in good hands

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