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  • Premium Billing & Reconcilliation

    Firstsource’s premium billing and reconciliation services streamline revenue collection and prevent loss due to error and inefficiency.

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  • Utilization Management – Control Healthcare Costs While Improving Patient Outcomes

    Firstsource’s Utilization Management services help payers reduce costs while managing growing document and case volumes with greater accuracy and efficiency.

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  • Population Health & Wellness Support Services

    Telehealth offers a convenient, integrated and easily accessible experience for patients and clinicians, while improving population health outcomes at a lower cost.

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  • Digital Mailroom – Efficient, Accurate & Secure Processing

    Firstsource provides intelligent, data-driven mailroom and document services leveraging intelligent workflow automation that help Payers. Intelligent and rule-driven, robotic process automation (RPA) helps provide the efficiency, speed and accuracy that you require and regulators demand with immediate and ongoing cost benefits.

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  • Automating payer audit tracking helped a US health plan in auto-fixing 50% of the claims errors

    Healthcare plans are seeking ways to keep expenses under control and provide accurate reimbursements to providers. Yet hundreds of millions of dollars are lost due to inaccuracies, errors, incorrect billing, overpaid medical claims, missed discounts and other issues.

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  • Fast and secure electronic documents submission with SympliSend

    SympliSend is an easy to use, one-stop application that allows electronic submission of documents and correspondence to support the appeals and grievance process.

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  • 360-degree insights on customer journey with multi-channel customer interaction analytics

    With a complete view of member and provider journeys across all customer interaction channels combined with quality monitoring, our proprietary platform, FirstCustomerIntelligence, empowers payers to focus on reducing risk, ensuring compliance, increasing revenue, building customer loyalty, and enhancing operational efficiency

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  • Improve efficiency, reduce costs, errors and effort with business process automation

    Firstsource’s business process automation services are designed to help payers meet the challenge by identifying the root cause and effect of operational inefficiencies, then recommending and implementing automated solutions that make your process more streamlined and scalable while maintaining optimal performance.

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  • Reduce claims cost and risk with provider data management & credentialing

    The risks of maintaining inaccurate provider data can be long-lasting and expensive. Firstsource’s Provider Data Management services save you from the pain and penalties associated with inaccurate or out-of-date provider data.

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  • Helping you exceed the highest quality standards

    Firstsource helps you meet the demands of all your important stakeholders with Quality Assurance services focusing on optimizing the efficiency and accuracy of your critical processes, platforms and resources across claims adjudication, provider data management, customer service, and member enrollment and billing.

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  • Omnichannel customer engagement for the digital age

    Firstsource’s Omnichannel Contact Center offers support via email, voice call, SMS/text, web chat, and social media, making help available to your members and providers through their channel of choice.

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  • Improving member services & profitability

    Over the past several years, the healthcare payer industry has been subject to numerous procedural and regulatory changes—and it’s expected to get even more complicated in the future. Firstsource’s solutions, expert agents, and leading-edge technology can simplify your processes and delight your customers.

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  • Creating a center of data driven intelligence

    Firstsource helps payers increase membership and satisfaction, minimize administrative costs, and stay compliant by ensuring all documents are processed efficiently and accurately.

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  • Delivering higher speed and accuracy in claims processing

    Claims processing is one of the highest administrative costs in the US healthcare payer industry—especially as demand rises for faster, error-free processing and payments, and a better overall customer experience. Firstsource’s Claims Processing and Adjudication solutions streamline payers’ claims operations by addressing inefficiencies across claims intake, processing, adjudication and payment.

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  • Supporting your members and providers 24/7

    Firstsource’s After-Hours Contact Center extends your support capabilities, allowing you to offer uninterrupted, high-quality customer care, whenever issues arise—even nights and weekends.

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  • Integrated claims services and cloud technology

    The healthcare payer environment is fast paced and more demanding than ever before, and many of the business processes and operational practices that worked before can’t keep up. No one understands that better than Firstsource, a company with more than 20 years of experience providing business-process-as-a-service (BPaaS) support to US healthcare payers.