Venkat Raman

President & CEO

Venkat Raman is President and CEO at Firstsource Solutions’ Healthcare Payer, Provider and Publishing businesses. Venkat is responsible for developing and implementing processes to achieve the business’ strategic objectives and financial goals.

Guided by the principles of honesty, hard work and integrity, Venkat achieves success for his clients by working with them to transform their businesses through technology. His vision over the next twelve months is to further expand the healthcare business and continue making a positive difference to the healthcare industry by helping providers offer the best possible experiences to patients.

Venkat holds a degree in physics from AM Jain College, Chennai and has a Certificate in Management Development from the Indian Institute of Management. Venkat entered the BPM industry as a graduate and found his early experience so compelling that he has never looked back.

Since the start of his career Venkat has immersed himself in the BPM industry, beginning as a trainer, before moving into roles in HR and operations. Prior to joining Firstsource, Venkat was responsible for BPM operations at Lason Inc. Venkat joined Firstsource in 2002 as Vice President of Operations.

In his spare time, Venkat enjoys spending time with his family and, now that he is based in Kentucky, horse-racing.

More than 20 years ago, Firstsource entered the healthcare industry with the mission of providing back office services to payers and providers.

Since then, we’ve processed hundreds of millions of claims, growing with our market through years of expansion and regulatory changes. We’ve met those challenges with new services, technologies, and acquisitions to develop an infrastructure for serving our customers in an ever-evolving healthcare environment.

Our goal is to help payers increase membership while minimizing administrative costs, to help providers efficiently deliver care and receive reimbursement, and to offer members support that reflects our customers’ high standards and inspires loyalty.