Omni-channel Contact Center Services for Members

Turn insights and analytics from your customer interactions into enhanced customer experiences.

The fragmentation between health providers, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, and patients can cause data inaccuracy, long response times and frustration. As members interact with you across multiple channels, you need to quickly access the correct information and have the ability to synchronize across channels to give a seamless and pleasant customer experience. Structuring your contact center to better realize the customer journey across all touch points – voice, email, web chat, text, and social media – heightens customer satisfaction and improves business performance.

Better member engagement and management across multiple channels

Firstsource’s proprietary First Customer Intelligence (FCI) platform supports you in delivering the engagement experience members want and expect and the business outcomes to give you a competitive advantage.

FCI taps into members’ sentiments, emotions and behaviors, and uses member intelligence to derive insights into member behavior patterns. No longer is there a need for members to repeat identity authentication and information. With the FCI platform you get improved efficiencies of members’ communication channels (voice, email, web chat, text, social media), an analysis of member experiences, measurements of member effort across processes (billing, customer service, technical support, etc.), and identification of root causes of member dissatisfaction. These customer journey insights can reduce cost to serve, improve Net Promoter Scores (NPS), while increasing revenue.

Stay Ahead

Uncover actionable insights for better member experiences and business performance

The FCI platform extracts and uses data from member engagements across multiple channels to ensure high-performing contact centers

  • Enhanced customer journey
  • Maximized member satisfaction
  • Measurable business outcomes

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