Open Enrollment Services

Your ability to help members understand and manage their healthcare benefits improves satisfaction and retention.

Open enrollment and annual enrollment present unique challenges for healthcare carriers, employers and providers annually. There is a large influx of new members in shorter timeframes, pressure on internal operations and infrastructure constraints. With customer experience at the forefront, it’s imperative that healthcare organizations make moves to meet these challenges, ultimately achieving the goal of delighting new and existing members with pleasant, efficient service at every touch point. For your members, the support you provide during open enrollment sets the expectations for the remainder of the year.

Advance service quality, member satisfaction, and business revenue

Firstsource with its experience across different geographies, industries and functions can help you deliver positive engagements with your members the way they want to be reached. Our expertise in contact center, claims adjudication, premium billing, enrollment processing, reconciliation, mailroom, print, and back office in the areas of provider and member services offers a solution for your open enrollment needs regardless of the population type.

Open Enrollment Services

Firstsource’s comprehensive open enrollment services are designed to deliver better member engagement and satisfaction and payer profitability.

Stay Ahead

Achieve the business efficiencies you seek with our BPM capabilities for open enrollment

  • Cost savings
  • Scalability
  • Application of robotics and machine learning
  • Simplified enrollment processes

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