Population Health Coaching

A structured health management service that helps improve patient wellness and control your cost.

Several industry studies show health coaching is effective in improving different aspects of a patient’s health. Health coaching leads to patients’ knowledge gain, behavior change, positive shifts in mood, and confidence in their health outcomes.

Firstsource Population Health Coaching supports you and your patients. For patients enrolled in your health management programs, it offers active and safe interactions to drive positive behavior changes and health improvements. For providers, it allows you to bring higher quality and access to care and a viable way of controlling your medical costs.

Population Health Coaching Services

Our population health management support is comprehensive. It delivers the attention your patients require to help them handle their health concerns and live healthier.

Stay Ahead

Comprehensive support delivering improved patient outcomes & provider education

  • Helps patients manage their health using growing technology and devices
  • Patients’ knowledge and skill are increased, empowering them to better handle their health
  • Providers better understand health concerns and needs of patients
  • Delivers the value-based care providers want to offer

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