Provider Data Management & Credentialing

Our provider data management and credentialing services empowers you with the most updated and accurate provider data available, resulting in better service quality and avoidance regulatory penalties.
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The problem and the risks are real

  • 78% of privately insured Americans use their insurance carrier’s printed or on-line provider directory to find participating physicians and facilities
  • 30% of all physician primary addresses and more than 70% of physician demographic information change every year
  • 66% of listed providers were not at their listed locations in the first phase of a new provider directory accuracy pilot conducted by CMS
  • Of the 108 provider locations CMS examined, on average, 45% of Medicare Advantage physician directories contained inaccuracies3
  • Two of the largest U.S. health insurers were forced to pay over $38 million in overpayment reimbursements to consumers for out-of-network care – fueling a rash of class-action lawsuits3
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